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• 1” minus White Rock (CA-11)

• 1 1/2” White Rock (CA-5) OR 1” - 3” White Rock (CA-1)

• 4” - 8” White Rock (for erosion control)

• White Road Mix (CA-6 White)

• 1/2” White Rock (CA-13)

• 3/8” White Chips (CA-16)

• 1/8” White Zen-Garden Rock

• White Screenings (for horse stables, putting  greens)

• Ag-Lime

• 3/4” Crushed Washed Rock (earth colors, for  driveways)

• 1/8” Granules (earth colors, for barefoot paths)


“That was the best job of tailgate spreading I’ve ever seen in my life, and I used to do it!”


“Thank you so much for the job you did on my driveway.”


“GREAT job spreading!!!”


“Please thank Marvin for the excellent job spreading gravel for us. We will call again. Thanks again!”


“Marvin just delivered to me. I just wanted to call and say what a good driver he is and what a wonderful  job he did.”


“Thanks for the quick service, and my compliments to the young man who spread it. Beautiful job.”


“Marvin did a great job tailgating this. Thank him for me, please.”


“Faith, Marv did a great job. Thanks for the service.”